For anyone seriously immersed in dance and electronic music, the sounds of Moving Shadow has always been current. That is to say, even though it ceased releasing in 2008, its records have constantly been part of the fabric of the underground and mainstream: constantly played, sampled and cited by the most important players of multiple generations.

Si Colebrooke and Sean O’Keeffe – two-thirds of the founding Moving Shadow team, had long been toying with ideas for how to make sure this vital legacy continued, and those sounds didn’t slip into becoming museum pieces. Finally, a couple of years ago, they gathered almost the entire Moving Shadow community together in a pub, and found that there was a serious appetite for more. And so, little by little, Over/Shadow was born.

We don’t use the word “community” lightly here. As soon as they began talking with the musicians, cover artists, studio engineers, it became abundantly clear that this had never stopped being a family. As Moving Shadow evolved from peak rave days, through hardcore, jungle and drum’n’bass, its aesthetic and personnel became inseparable – and in the days since 2008, almost all these people have remained as involved and passionate about music and the music scene as they ever were. So when that “Avengers assemble!” moment happened, they were all ready for action.

Over/Shadow begins in earnest with a release from Conrad Shafie aka Blame. It’s a perfect start. After all, Blame’s “Music Takes You” was one of MS’s foundational releases back in 1992, and its overpowering ecstatic energy makes it a tune that still gets plays to this day around the world. And of all producers, Blame represents a continuity that runs through the subsequent generations of rave music and through MS’s output.

His two tracks for the first Over/Shadow release are quite different from one another – “Lift Off” is powered by fearsome jungle breaks, while “Star Traveller” is an altogether more elegant roller – and are crisp and modernist. But they are also unmistakeably full of the warmth, euphoria and sense of possibility that has fired him and the wider musical family up consistently since the glory days of 1990/91 when they first came together. As a statement of intent, it takes quite some beating.

And it really is just the beginning. Since that fateful meeting, Si, Sean and the team have been manoeuvring in the (no pun intended) shadows, and Over/Shadow is a fully developed label collective. With the same core creatives, down to the mastering and cutting engineers, it is a continuation from where MS left off and preservation of its legacy, but it’s also a rocket into the future. The energy of rave and jungle have never stopped fuelling innovation in underground music, and Over/Shadow is ready to take its rightful place right in the heart of that.

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