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Formed in 2020 by 2 Bad Mice, Over/Shadow is already one of the “go to” labels for world wide fans of Jungle and Drum & Bass. Simon and Sean reconnected with their old friends who all worked together for the seminal Moving Shadow label to start a new chapter. The label boasts a roster of legendary producers who helped lay the foundations of the scene as well as recent talent and breakthrough Artists.

Nominated for Best Breakthrough Label 2022 in the DJ Mag Best of British Awards, winning fans across the globe and within the industry, Over/Shadow is now a dominant force boasting an amazing selection of Producers and DJ’s.

The label has already curated stage takeovers for events, with Boomtown and Bangface as an example and all of our Artists are booked on a regular basis. If you would like the opportunity to book any of our Artists for events, stage takeovers or production work please contact us here….

2 Bad Mice

Deep Blue

Dom + Roland

DJ Trax

Foul Play

Technical Itch

JMJ + Richie


Paradox (Live)

DJ Addiction




Ruth Royall





Sheba Q


MC Flux